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General Info


Please use the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Edge.

Helpful tip! Always try a 2nd browser as a test. This can immediately determine if your issue is browser related.

Please do NOT use Internet Explorer. The browser is no longer supported.

We recommend using the most recent browser version. However, we remain compatible with the older ones, excluding Internet Explorer 8 and below. Important note for Windows 7 users Internet Explorer (IE11 v11.0.9600.xxxxxx) has changed its way of working with Windows 7. Therefore, this shift led to the need to install the flash plugin and enable it to play videos. Does the broadcast require native html5 playback? Or, are you unable to install or enable the flash plugin? In both cases, we recommend that viewers who still use Windows 7 to choose a different browser, such as Chrome or Firefox.


While many device types are compatible with this event platform, some aspects of the event may not be. Your best viewing experience will be with a desktop or laptop running the latest version of Chrome.

Live Streams

No Sound?

Please check the player audio controls. It could be on mute.

Network Issues?

Choppy video? No video and sound OR a frozen image?

Have you tested your connection speed? We recommend at least a solid 10 Mbps DOWN connection. If you are on a shared network or running multiple programs in the background, your speeds could fluctuate considerably during broadcast. Please use the speed test provided below to double check your connection.

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Helpful tip! Always try a 2nd browser as a test. This can immediately determine if your issue is browser related.

Please make sure you have turned off (or logged off) your company VPN.

You may have momentarily lost connection. Refresh the page or close the application and open it again. No sound? The live stream player also has a volume control. Most of the time, the player will load on MUTE as default. Please check there first, then your device settings.

Zoom Rooms

Are you having trouble with a Zoom specific portion of this event?

Zoom is an outside service. Their support info can be found here.

Zoom Integration Browser Limitations

This platform uses Zoom Web SDK for the integration, which means some Zoom functionalities may not be available in certain browsers, or browser versions.

Chrome is the recommended browser for stability, it is important to not use an incognito browser.

Zoom supported features across Web browsers:

Zoom supported features across mobile browsers:

Android Browsers:

iOS Browsers:

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